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BergHOFF is an international brand which creates, produces and distributes sophisticated kitchen designs that give an edge to the everyday cooking experience.
Our passion for cooking and a keen eye for detail result in products that have been recommended and rewarded for their aesthetics as well as their functionality.
Distributed via a worldwide network, BergHOFF is the brand that brings design and innovation to every kitchen.

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BBQ (small) protective cover - berghoff

BBQ cover small - RonYou’ve bought a small ceramic BBQ and oven and you want to keep it in..

87.90лв. 52.74лв.

BBQ set - berghoff

Доставка - Октомври.Продукта е с предварителна заявка.Поръчката ви ще бъде потвърдена по ..

173.90лв. 104.34лв.

BergHOFF Boning нож 15cm за филетиране

Boning knife black 15 cm - RonIf you want to remove meat from its bones quickly and easily, this..

64.00лв. 38.40лв.

BergHOFF Chef's нож 13cm дървена дръжка

Chef's knife wooden handle 13 cm - RonNot a fan of big kitchen knives? This smaller chef&rsq..

75.00лв. 45.00лв.

BergHOFF Paring нож 8,5cm за плодове и белене

Paring knife black 8,5 cm - RonA good paring knife is one of the most multifunctional tools in a..

60.00лв. 36.00лв.

BergHOFF Utility нож 13cm с дървена дръжка

Utility knife wooden handle 13 cm - RonLooking for a knife to help you peel, slice, dice and tri..

68.00лв. 40.80лв.

BergHOFF Vegetable нож 12cm дървена дръжка

Vegetable knife wooden handle 12 cm - RonChopping, peeling, trimming and slicing vegetables for ..

70.00лв. 42.00лв.

BergHOFF стойка за домакинска хартия

Paper towel holder - Leo Give your kitchen countertop a stylish touch with the Leo paper towel hold..

38.00лв. 22.80лв.

BergHOFF carving set 2бр LEO

2-pc carving set grey - LeoSlice your turkey, ham or Sunday roast as thin as you want with the L..

39.90лв. 23.94лв.

BergHOFF seal буркан 0,4л LEO

Smart seal food container 0,40 L - LeoWhether you want to organize your pantry or take a delicio..

21.90лв. 13.14лв.

BergHOFF seal буркан 1,6л LEO

Smart seal food container 1,6 L - LeoLooking for a simple solution that will keep your cereal, p..

31.90лв. 19.14лв.

BergHOFF seal буркан 1л LEO

Smart seal food container 1,0 L - LeoBeans, biscuits, muesli, …. this smart seal food con..

27.90лв. 16.74лв.

BergHOFF барбекю СИВО 33см SMALL

Ceramic BBQ and Oven Small Bluestone Grey 33 cm (13”) - Ron Planning a cosy cookout with 2 to..

718.00лв. 430.80лв.

BergHOFF барбекю СИВО 40см Medium

Ceramic BBQ and Oven Medium Bluestone Grey 40 cm (16”) - Ron Got a few friends coming over fo..

1,318.00лв. 790.80лв.