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BergHOFF is an international brand which creates, produces and distributes sophisticated kitchen designs that give an edge to the everyday cooking experience.
Our passion for cooking and a keen eye for detail result in products that have been recommended and rewarded for their aesthetics as well as their functionality.
Distributed via a worldwide network, BergHOFF is the brand that brings design and innovation to every kitchen.

BBQ (small) protective cover - berghoff
-40 % Изчерпан
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821052359
BBQ cover small - Ron You’ve bought a small ceramic BBQ and oven and you want to keep it in tip-top shape? Then this small PVC cover is the way to go! It fits perfectly over the ceramic shell to protect the grill from rain damage, scratches and discolouration. Simply open it up, slide it over..
52.74 лв. 87.90 лв.
Ex Tax:52.74 лв.
BBQ set - berghoff BBQ set - berghoff
-40 % Изчерпан
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821078922
Доставка - Октомври. Продукта е с предварителна заявка. Поръчката ви ще бъде потвърдена по телефон след проверка за наличност. Collection                         &n..
104.34 лв. 173.90 лв.
Ex Tax:104.34 лв.
BergHOFF барбекю грил КАМАДО - berghoff - large BergHOFF барбекю грил КАМАДО - berghoff - large
-40 % Изчерпан
Brand: Berghoff Model: 2415700
Designer:                             Pieter Roex Material:                &nbs..
1,522.80 лв. 2,538.00 лв.
Ex Tax:1,522.80 лв.
BergHOFF барбекю СИВО 33см SMALL BergHOFF барбекю СИВО 33см SMALL
-40 %
Brand: Berghoff Model: 2415703
Ceramic BBQ and Oven Small Bluestone Grey 33 cm (13”) - Ron Planning a cosy cookout with 2 to 4 people? Then this small ceramic BBQ is the perfect partner to prepare all your delightful grill recipes! With its 27 cm grid and high-quality ceramic shell, it allows you to use the same variety of ..
480.96 лв. 801.60 лв.
Ex Tax:480.96 лв.
BergHOFF барбекю СИВО 40см Medium BergHOFF барбекю СИВО 40см Medium
-40 %
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821094939
Ceramic BBQ and Oven Medium Bluestone Grey 40 cm (16”) - Ron Got a few friends coming over for a small BBQ party or just want to have a cosy cookout with your partner and kids? This medium-sized ceramic grill is just the right fit to prepare a delicious BBQ meal for 4 to 6 persons thanks to it..
892.56 лв. 1,487.60 лв.
Ex Tax:892.56 лв.
BergHOFF камък за печене на пица 36см
-40 %
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821055862
Baking/pizza stone 36 cm - Ron Whether you’re in the mood for a crispy pizza or freshly baked bread, just light your BBQ, add the pizza stone and start baking to get that authentic smoky flavour which no indoor oven can match. The stone makes sure there’s an even heat distribution and a..
83.40 лв. 139.00 лв.
Ex Tax:83.40 лв.
BergHOFF комплект ръкавици 2ка GEM BergHOFF комплект ръкавици 2ка GEM
-40 %
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821077000
Oven mitt set (2 pcs) - Gem Whether you’re taking a baking tin out of the oven, picking up a hot pot from the stovetop or getting a steaming bowl out of the microwave, always protect your hands in style with this set of oven mitts. They’re made from 100% cotton with a black denim look t..
39.92 лв. 66.54 лв.
Ex Tax:39.92 лв.
BergHOFF покривало за big барбекю RON BergHOFF покривало за big барбекю RON
-40 %
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821052366
BBQ cover large - Ron A BBQ cover is the perfect way to protect your grill from rain, dirt, sun and dust. So when you order your BergHOFF ceramic BBQ and oven, this large BBQ cover is a must-have accessory to keep it in tip-top shape. Since it’s custom-made for this model, it fits perfectly o..
102.24 лв. 170.40 лв.
Ex Tax:102.24 лв.
BergHOFF покривало за medium барбекю RON
-40 %
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821311654
BergHOFF покривало за medium барбекю RON..
67.14 лв. 111.90 лв.
Ex Tax:67.14 лв.
BergHOFF ръкавица за готвене/барбекю BergHOFF ръкавица за готвене/барбекю
-40 %
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821077024
Barbecue mitt - Gem Whether it’s on a charcoal or a gas barbecue, when you’re grilling up a delicious meal, the Gem barbecue mitt is a real must-have to keep around. It’s made from 100% twill cotton and is extra-long to protect your hands well beyond the wrist against the heat from..
19.14 лв. 31.90 лв.
Ex Tax:19.14 лв.
BergHOFF сет за барбекю 6ч BergHOFF сет за барбекю 6ч
-40 %
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821076744
6 piece barbecue set in folding bag - Essentials Need a last minute gift for a friend’s grill party? Then this 6-piece barbecue set with folding bag is the perfect solution! The tools are made from high-quality stainless steel and have a hollow handle so they’re lightweight and very eas..
83.40 лв. 139.00 лв.
Ex Tax:83.40 лв.
BergHOFF скара за барбекю 39х33х11см RON
-40 %
Brand: Berghoff Model: 5413821055800
Grill expander - Ron Get the most out of your ceramic barbecue by expanding your grill surface with this stainless steel grill expander. Not only does it maximize your cooking space so you can spoil your entire family with your delicious barbecue creations, it’s also the perfect way to prepar..
114.00 лв. 190.00 лв.
Ex Tax:114.00 лв.
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