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Gourmet Sause MONIN

Gourmet Sause MONIN
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MONIN Gourmet Sause Chocolate and Hazelnuts 0.5l

Colour: worm brown Taste: delicious caramel toffee taste with a smooth and creamy aftertaste of..


MONIN Gourmet Sause Chocolate 0.5L

Монин Шоколад с лешник е сос, идеален за специални кафета, гарнитура, украса, и в коктейли...


MONIN Gourmet Sause Chocolate Hazelnut 1.89L

Tasting notes Nose: Round nose of buttery cocoa and hazelnut Attack: Rich and balanced taste ..


MONIN Gourmet Sauce Caramel 1.89l

Tasting notes Nose: Burnt caramel nose   Attack: Delicious and strong caramel toffee t..


MONIN Gourmet Sauce White Chocolate 1.89l

TASTING NOTES   Authentic, intense and velvety cacao taste. Incredibly creamy, smooth, r..


MONIN Gourmet Sauce Dark Chocolate 1.89l

Tasting notes Nose: Intense cocoa nose   Attack: Authentic, bold chocolate flavour tas..