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За заявки от търговски обекти: София - 0888 66 85 00, Пловдив - 0882 11 11 80, Плевен - 0884 51 44 55, Слънчев бряг - 0888 53 40 30, Варна - 0882 51 51 55, Благоевград - 0882 11 11 82

About us



SBB Group Ltd.

We started in 1999 with the opening our first office in Sofia. The beginning was difficult, but we took the long way, learning to achieve maximum results with limited resources.

Years of hard work and attention focused on you, our customers, followed. Over time we built a workflow that ensures high quality service. We have to be flexible ,to add or modify the steps of our work according to the customers, so that we satisfy their requirements with high results.

Thanks to the positive assessment of our clients and the granted trust, we started to expand gradually. In 2001 SBB Group's Sunny Beach branch opened, fully prepared to serve the needs of resort facilities, especially during the busy summer season. In 2009 the opening of branches in  Pleven and Plovdiv followed, serving both regional towns and their surrounding villages. In October 2015 we welcomed our customers at the new branch in Varna. Challenges have become part of our life and we overcome them every day. Driven by a desire for development, we dared to cross the borders and are currently working on the launch of SBB Group- Romania branch.

Since 2015 the company is proud member of The National Association of Hotel, Restaurant, Cafeteria "HoReCa". The National Association /HoReCa/ is voluntary, non-governmental, branch organization. Based on the principals of the self-regulating market, it is the next step of creating new business relation between the colleagues in the branch. As a natural response to the needs of a mediator in the field, the HoReCa Association has the ambitions to help the better movement of goods, capitals and ideas.

To date SBB Group employs 60 people, has 35 vehicles and operates on 3200sq/ m area, including storage and commercial premises.

Our priority is to satisfy the consumers' demands by offering a wide range of products, meeting the latest technologies and achievements in this area, with guaranteed quality, competitive prices and provided maintenance. We always strive to help our clients make the right choice- SBB Group is distributor for Bulgaria of Uniglass, Monin, Concept Art Cocktail Kingdom, Maskot and official representative of Hamilton Beach, Durobor, Borgonovo, TheBars, Bar Products, Ocean Spray, Porcelite, Comas on the Bulgarian market.

Our strategy is based on the following principles:

  • Presentation of innovative products and solutions in bar and restaurant equipment;
  • Establishing a promising and long-term business relations with our partners;
  • Staff training and team strengthening 
  • Our team's experience, is one of the greatest advantages of the company on the competitive market in Bulgaria. Employees' knowledge and skills are built on many years of work in the field.

We work with an extensive contingent of customers, developing in various fields of service : tourism, advertising agencies, catering companies, bottling companies, bars, discos, restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, resorts, hotels, etc.

You're not only our customers,but friends and those who trusted us in the beginning are still with us today. Through loyalty, flexible working schemes, mobility of our teams and good coordination, we are there for you everywhere in Bulgaria.

For all our future friends we are available for any questions and help that we can provide. Do not hesitate to ask us - in the future this will facilitate our work and will contribute to your satisfaction. This is important to us!