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Return policy

Returning products

According to Article 55 (paragraph 1) of the Consumer's Protection Law, the user has the right, without owing compensation or penalty and without giving any reason toreturn the purchased goods within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods if product meets the following conditions:

  • no mechanical damages;
  • not used;
  • the product is in its original, undamaged packaging and has a commercial look;
  • the products is accompanied by all supporting documents, such as an application for returning of the product, warranty card( if there is such), invoice and / or receipt and accessories with which it was obtained.

The buyer must contact an SBB-BG.COM's employee by phone +359 88 5739903 or by mail to to announce his refusal and should fill the application for returning of the product which can be downloaded here.

Please, note: The customer cannot withdraw from the concluded contract in the following cases:

  • In the provision of services where the service is provided completely and its implementation has started with the user's prior express consent and confirmation that he knew he would lose his right of withdrawal once the contract is fully executed by the trader;
  • when the provided goods or services' price depends on fluctuations in the financial market which can not be controlled by the trader and which may occur during the period for exercising the right of withdrawal;
  • when the provided goods are custom made/  according to the customer's  individual requirements; 
  • supply of goods which by their nature can deteriorate or have a short shelf life;
  • when the provided sealed goods were unsealed after delivery they can't be returned for hygienic and health reasons;
  • when the provided products , due to their nature, have been mixed with other products after delivery, that can not be separated



Conditions for refunding sums paid by the Customer

Refunding methods


Refund can be done by exchanging goods, selection of other goods or credit operation on the customer's card / bank account

If the customer finds that the ordered item is not exactly what they needed, it can be replaced with another, but the cost of courier services in the procedure for replacing the item are on the customer's expense.

When returning items with prior notification to SBB-BG.COM, the courier services for transportation of items from the shop to the customer are on client's expense.

SBB Group Ltd., as owner of the online store SBB-BG.COM, is obliged to reimburse the amount paid for the items within 30 calendar days from the date on which the product is received by the customer, or replace it.

Reimbursements are only made by bank transfer to an account provided by the Customer.

If the purchase is made with a card, the reimbursement will be by credit/debit card transaction.

Shipping charges are on customer's expenses.

In case the customer receives the ordered items in condition that does not match the item's description, or is different item than the ordered,SBB Group Ltd. as the owner of the online store SBB-BG.COM, will replace the item, pay the cost of delivery or reimburse the amount paid by the customer.

When finding a defect after the 14-day return period, prior to the expiry of the warranty period, the Customer may give the goods for repair service under warranty conditions specified in the warranty card.

In all cases of returning items, a SBB-BG.COM's representative must be contacted in advance, by phone or e-mail. Cost of courier services on returning and receiving the items will be on customer's expense.

If the item's appearance/ packaging is damaged during transport, the Customer must contact the courier company ECONT for damaged shipment protocol.